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This system is the property of the PTS Contractor, and is intended for the use of authorized users only. All activities of individuals using this computing system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are monitored and recorded by system personnel. If any such monitoring reveals evidence of criminal activity, systems personnel shall be obliged to provide such evidence to law enforcement officials. The following are the responsibilities of the users of the PTS Contractor Web Site.

  1. The user must allow the browser to accept cookies from this web site. The cookies from the PTS Contractor Web Site will NOT search or store personal information on your system. They are used to track access to our web site.
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  3. The Users are responsible for protecting their account information. Please do not share account information with other users. The PTS Contractor Web Site is monitored for utilization. If it is determined that a person is abusing this site, then the account will be locked out.
  4. The PTS Contractor Web Site is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x or higher. The user can use other browsers but the PTS Contractor will not guarantee that the system will work correctly.
  5. Enter the login information above as indicated. Please use the account information provided by the PTS Contractor in the prompts. The PTS Contractor is the only organization that can establish accounts for the Web Site. If you need an account please contact your point of contact at the PTS Contractor.
  6. Users will be expected to change their passwords after logging into the Web Site for the first time. The password will expire and need to be changed after 180 days. In both cases, the user will be taken to the Change Password form after logging into the Web Site.
  7. Access to the web site will time-out after 20 minutes of inactivity.